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Georg Hallenbrook, an independent and wonderfully skilled photographer, comes to the DMA program here at Jeff Tech in order to share her knowledge about the field of photography. Many students that attend this program have an interest in photography, and Georg helped to give insight on what it really takes to invest yourself into a career like this. She also shared her experience with working in the field of photography, and shared with the students what they need to expect in order to pursue this field.

Students in the DMA program have the opportunity to work with and handle professional level equipment and take pictures for other projects within the program.   During her visit, she was a guest on the Career Fair live stream and was given the opportunity to explore our studio and talk to some of our students. She also hadthe opportunity to reunite with her old friend, and the instructor of the DMA program, Samuel Ettaro. 

       Georg Hallenbrook
Sharing her experience with photography

"I’ve always enjoyed telling people what to do and ever since that Kodak I have always had a camera with me at all times. I like machines too so tackling equipment is in my nature."

Why did she start photography?

Georg Hallenbrook's entire career started when she was nine. She had recieved a Kodak Instamatic camera for Christmas. She said, "Composition is a gift and I have it." She recalls going through flashbulbs faster than her father could get them to her. She even took her camera to school, snapping group photos of her teachers and classmates. She still has these photos. "I’ve always enjoyed telling people what to do..."

Hallenbrook is a very passionate woman. She invests herself in her work, and it's clear to us that that is what it takes to be successful in a field such as this. She goes on to talk about how she worked with D.R. Goff who owned Quicksilver Studios. She describes this as her “aha” moment. After working with them for five years, she opened her own studio. This is when she happened upon Samuel Ettaro, our beloved Digital Media Arts teacher here at Jeff Tech. After Hurricane Andrew, she moved back to Ohio and decided to pursue higher education. She also shared a story of hers, one that we would like to share with you. 

"Now that I think about it, I started shooting bands because I had met these guys, about my age, that had just come up from Australia and this was their first time in the states. They were a little unsure of what would happen. They had moderate success and were trying to crack the US market. I always had a camera and taking their photos was fun and challenging. I was hooked and did it for fun. The drummer of this Australian band was also into photography and was sure of their impending success and had just splurged on some really nice cameras and lenses and leather cases to travel in safely. The situation being what it was is that he and I drove through the Painted Desert and the Petrified Forest with this new camera gear and had a blast. Thank you Phil Rudd from AC/DC for introducing me to fine cameras and to photography as an art, not just documentary. Yes, AC/DC was the first band I ever photographed. Totally by accident…"

She covered many topics while here, and she also shared her story. She took part in the Career Fair livestream, as did many other guests. 

  • Hallenbrook shares about how demanding and physical printing and producing a magazine back then.
  • Her and Ettaro both showed adds and logos, explaining the process that they went through in order to add them to the magazines.
  • She talks about how she "...also did weddings, architecture, portfolios and high school senior photography.


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