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The Girl Scouts of Western PA Troop 22170 in Reynoldsville paid a visit to the Digital Media Arts studio at Jeff Tech.

Why they were at our Jeff Tech studio? 

 The Girl Scouts of Western PA Troop 22170 in Reynoldsville were working towards their Digital Movie Maker patch. Samuel Ettaro, our instructor here at Digital Media Arts, helped them along. They were aided by Aleena Stankavich, one of our students of the DMA program. Aleenah helped Ettaro to give an instructional presentation on what all they needed to do, and how they needed to do it. They were making videos, which they later edited and were posted on our YouTube account. 

What did they do?

The girls were granted access to the Broadcast Station, as they needed to record interviews in order to earn their badge. They came in on February 6th, and they had a blast! They even brought Ettaro in homemade cookies and a juice box! He said that he had a great time with them, and is looking forward to them coming back on February 27th to edit their videos! 

  • 1. Learn digital video basics
  • 2. Film, then film some more...
  • 3. Pick the perfect subject
  • 4. Action!
  • 5. Edit and premiere your movie

(To see the full PDF for this Girl Scouts badge, click here)


Using the guidelines that are put in place for earning the badge, Samuel Ettaro talked to the troop about digital video. He, along with his student Aleena Stankavich, gave them a presentation and explained to them what all went into a career in this particular field. He talked to them about how to operate and use Adobe Premiere. 


 This is the finished product of their combined efforts. It was edited in Adobe Premiere, and was supervised by their troop leader and Samuel Ettaro. 

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