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Spencer Folmar, a Hollywood Director and film maker, pays a visit to the DMA studio to inform the students of the process of professional film making. 

Throughout student's four years in the DMA program they are exposed to opportunities to work on real-world projects as well as plan, craft and create their own independent productions using state of the art digital equipment.  Recent graduates have gone on to pursue degrees in film production and animation.  This year's class is being introduced to professional aerial drone videography which is becoming increasingly important in film production.   During his visit Mr. Folmar received a tour of the IT Academy and the Digital Media Arts studios including the video control booth, digital audio production and radio station and was very impressed with the level of professional apparent in the facility, teaching methods and the students themselves.

       Spencer T. Folmar
On the Digital Media Arts Program @ Jeff Tech

"I was very impressed when I visited Jeff Tech media lab. The students were professional and quite skilled. The studio was amazing and it appears the students are receiving a great education. I wish there was an opportunity like this when I was a student in central Pennsylvania!"

Who is Spencer Folmar?

Spencer Folmar, a Central Pennsylvania native and West Branch alumni, has made a name for himself as an independent film maker in recent years. He produced his first feature film at age seventeen, Fortified. During his time as an attendee of Grove City College, he shot his second feature film, Guilt & Sentence, a film which won festival awards, and premiered to a sold-out audience at the Historic Rowland Theatre in Philipsburg.  At the start of 2016, he packed his bags and drove from Seattle to Los Angeles to achieve his dreams of living creative film production as a full-time career. It was here that Folmar made arguably his most ambitious feature film yet, Generational Sins, a faith-based film.  Folmar is now producing his next flick, Shooting Heroin, scheduled for release sometime in 2019.

Mr. Folmar is what we like to call a "local success story", and we are honored to have him visit our here at Jeff Tech. He also gave some very important insight into the demanding work that movie making is, which also helps to shine light on just how invested he is in his work! 

When interviewed by Instructor Sam Ettaro, alongside students Haley McCombs and Jadon Kessler, Mr. Folmar tackled many questions, and gave indepth answers that clued student in to his own real-world experience from his time at film school, to his early first jobs and ultimately to starting and growing his own production company.

  • When asked about the "mental and physical costs" about making a movie, Folmar stated that movie-making process is "very demanding," and comparative to being in a coma.
  • Folmar went into the details of filming in local municipalities, stating that he had to coerce the Clearfield County Board of Commissioners, local fire departments, government workers, among others for six months, and that local citizens were willing to take part and help in the filming process.
  • Folmar explained his studio, Hard Faith Films, and how he wants to mix faith-based films with serious subjects, such as the opioid epidemic, and human trafficking.


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