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Director Aleenah Poole and her two partners Jaxton Freedline and Lauren Wingert, planned, filmed, and edited this wonderful Anti-Bullying Film. Click "Read More" to learn more about the film and thoughts that were given on it. 

 "Stand Up." An anti-bullying film directed by Aleenah Poole with the help of her trusty sidekicks, Jaxton Freedline and Lauren Wingert. 

Why was this film created?

This film was created, "To raise awareness for people that get bullied in the school," says Jaxton Freedline.

        This film was created by students that have witnessed bullying in their lifetime and some were once even in the bullying clique. These students shared their stories in the making of this film. For example, Jaxton would always be called horrible names and once in middle school, was shoved into a locker, then had it locked. It was made to show how simple things can be harmful to others. These may be common scenarios but they are still extremely hurtful ones. If you see someone being bullied, STAND UP. 


How was this film created?

The film was filmed here at Jefferson Dubois AVTS. Students volunteered to be in the making of this film.

"We kidnapped children from Mrs. Galluzzi's class, actually her whole class. We are thankful for that," says Aleenah Poole

"Yeah, we just borrowed students from teachers," Jaxton Freedline added.

          The students went around the school and taped some scenes from the hallway to classrooms. The music is indeed copyright, but credit is given to the authors Halsey, Marshmello, and Bastille. Aleenah Poole used Adobe Premiere Pro CC to edit and piece together scenes shot around the school. That soon became "Stand Up."


Jeff Tech Input

        Two wonderful people and a few others were shown the video and asked what their thoughts on it were. Here are their thoughts: Ms.Shrobbinbower dunno wait till done with the article when the interview gets the name.

Mrs. Mulhollan

       Melissa Mulhollan, an English 1 teacher here at Jeff Tech was interviewed about what she thought of bullying and what she does about it. Here is how the interview went:

How often do you notice bullying even outside of school?

       She mentioned that she keeps her students as busy as possible so bullying doesn't happen in her classroom. Though, during her hallway and cafeteria monitoring, she sees the bullying take place. 


How would you promote awareness for anti-bullying?

      " The first thing people need to understand is someone being a jerk one day and bullying. I think we need to educate people on what bullying is and encourage them to stand up." Mulhollan quoted. She is saying that bullying is when someone is being repeatedly bullied. Bullying isn't just a one-time one-day thing. It is repetitive. Just because you caught someone on a bad day does not mean that they are a bully.  


Do you believe that the video shown, would make people aware of bullying?

 Mrs. Mulholland said that she believed that the video would be good to show around Jeff Tech to make people aware of the bullying that happens. She mentioned that it feels more honest because the video is student planned and produced. 


What is your suicide prevention program about?

"We have a lot of different ways of talking about suicide at school. People think that by bringing it to the attention of everybody it will cause more suicide but that couldn't be farther from the truth. We do a lifelines presentation here at the school with everyone. For me, in my class, I taught the novel Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, and I try to have someone come in and talk to the students about suicide." 


Ms. Schwabenbauer

Jessica Schwabenbauer, a guidance counselor here at Jeff Tech. Interviewed with the same topic and questions as of Mrs. Mulhollan's interview. Though, her answers were a bit different.

How often do you notice bullying even outside of school?

      Ms. Schwabenbauer mentioned that she doesn't see bullying inside of school as much as she does outside of school, specifically on social media. She said that kids usually come to her to talk about something that happened on social media that got carried on during school. One thing mentioned, was anonymous messaging. Most of what is said lately are said over anonymous apps whether it is hurtful or not. 


How would you promote awareness for anti-bullying?

     Ms. Schwabenbauer mentioned multiple things they have at the school such as the AVTM club run by the students and they try to have an open-door policy. The AVTM club's motto is "I got your back!" which they use to try to promote student togetherness and show that they are being listened to and helped. They also try to listen as much as they can if a student needs to talk to someone.


Do you believe that the video shown, would make people aware of bullying?

 "This is something people have talked about doing for the past two years, but it was always pushed aside. I'm really glad you guys have done it and it's a great thing to have. I hope to build upon this for add-on's and maybe even some solutions 'what do you do how do you handle the situation'. If I get permission I will most definitely pass it along." Ms. Schwabenbauer says during her interview. 

What do you think is being done about bullying around the school? 

Multiple things came up as ideas such as an AVTM video, posters, "anything that can be done to encourage people to stand up and not be a bystander."


This is the finished product of "Stand Up." 


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